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The Six Sigma Black Belt certification qualifies you to become a specialist and an advocate of innovation and process strategy. You will be able to train and coach project teams of Yellow and Green belt professionals, assigning tasks and monitoring the whole complex process life-circle with precision and accountability. As a Black Belt, you become a strategic stakeholder who can explain thoroughly the Lean Six Sigma principles and philosophies including its supporting systems and tools.

Why Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course?

As an organization, you need change agents who will lead strategic efforts to improve processes that will result in quality products and services while reducing costs and increasing revenue. This is where the Six Sigma Black Belt comes in. It gives them the requisite expertise to spot and remove any process variation, waste or defect and ultimately hit your organizational bottom-lines

As an Individual professional, you will super-charge your career potential when you become a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. You will become a sort-after professional and strategist who will most likely become a part of the management team where critical and strategic process decisions are made. Also, your earning potential will be greatly enhanced

To obtain this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification, You must have the Six Sigma Yellow Belt and the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certifications


At the end of this course, you would:

  • 1. Have an exhaustive understanding of ALL aspects of Quality. This includes the overview and meaning of Quality, the gurus of Quality and their contributions, etc. 
  • 2. Get a full understanding of each component of DMAIC, DMADV and DFSS, and how to apply them to real-life projects
  • 3. Deeply understand how to specifically maximize the various DMAIC stages namely: Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, and control in solving process problems
  • 4. Learn and be able to implement strategic leadership principles like team formation, facilitation, dynamics, time management, performance evaluation and reward, e.t.c.
  • 5. Get a deeper understanding of Lean Methodology and all its techniques namely: Value Stream Map, Lean Speed, Total Supply Chain, and Lean Six Sigma Logistics
  • 6. Acquire the ability to identify key factors that drive your organization and develop plans, as well as streamlining processes to achieve goals
  • 7. Be able to use Six Sigma knowledge and skill to positively disrupt organizational processes; establish improvement techniques and ingrain them into the organization’s process culture

Full Course Details:

  • Introduction to Six Sigma 
  1. A brief history of Quality 
  2. What is Quality (Definitions) and service or product 
  3. Quality Gurus & their contribution to Quality 
  4. Enterprise-wide View 
  5. Leadership 
  6. Six Sigma Roles and Responsibilities 
  7. Team Formation 
  8. Team Facilitation 
  9. Team Dynamics 
  10. Time Management For Teams 
  11. Team Decision-making Tools 
  12. Management and Planning Tools 
  13. Team Performance Evaluation And Rewards 
  14. Overview of DMAIC 
  • Six Sigma Methodology – Define 
  1. Important Stakeholders 
  2. Impact On Stakeholders 
  3. Critical To Requirements 
  4. Benchmarking 
  5. Business performance measures 
  6. Financial measures 
  7. VOC 
  8. Kano’s Customer Satisfaction Levels 
  9. Juran’s Customer Needs 
  10. Market Research 
  11. CTQ Flowdown 
  12. QFD 
  13. Performance Metrics 
  14. Project Charter 
  15. Charter Negotiation 
  16. Project management plan and Baselines 
  17. Project Tracking 
  • Six Sigma Methodology – Measure 
  1. Processes, Process characteristics, process flow metrics, inputs and outputs 
  2. Process maps and Flow chart 
  3. SIPOC 
  4. Data Type & Measurement scale 
  5. Data Collection 
  6. Sampling strategies 
  7. Fishbone Diagram 
  8. Relational Matrices or Prioritization Matrix 
  9. Basic Statistics 
  10. Analytical Statistics 
  11. Gauge R & R 
  12. Process Capability Analysis 
  • Six Sigma Methodology – Analyze 
  1. Correlation and Regression Analysis 
  2. Testing of Hypothesis 
  3. FMEA 
  4. Gap Analysis 
  5. The Five Whys 
  6. Pareto Diagram 
  7. Tree Diagram 
  8. Non value-added activities 
  9. Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) 
  • Six Sigma Methodology – Improve 
  1. DOE 
  2. Poka-yoke 
  3. 5S 
  4. Kanban 
  5. Standard Operations 
  6. Operator work instructions 
  7. Cycle time reduction 
  8. Continuous Flow Manufacturing 
  9. SMED 
  10. Kaizen and Kaizen Blitz 
  11. Theory of Constraints (TOC) 
  12. Risk analysis 
  • Six Sigma Methodology – Control 
  1. Statistical Process Control 
  2. Other Control Tools 
  3. Maintain Controls 
  4. Sustaining Improvements 
  • DFSS 
  • More on Lean 
  1. A Value Stream Map 
  2. Lean is Speed 
  3. Total Supply Chain 
  4. Lean Six Sigma Logistics
  • Case Study 1 
  • Case Study 1 Part 1
  • Case Study 1 Part 2
  • Case Study 2 
  • Case Study 2 Part 1
  • Case Study 2 Part 2

Course Requirements

To qualify for this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification course, you must first possess the Six Sigma Yellow Belt  and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certifications

Who is the audience?

  • Quality team leaders, instructors, supervisors looking to lead black belt projects
  • Team managers and business owners wanting to coach and manage multi-level teams for excellence
  • Entrepreneurs looking to reduce waste and create high-level optimum output from their processes
  • Executives and entrepreneurs wanting to increase their earning potential to take on more projects

Course Duration:

  • Complete this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification courses at your own pace within 6 months – expected study time- 30-50 hours

Certification exam details

    • 125 question multiple choice test
    • 1 mark each, no negative marking
    • 180 minutes online exam


Why Choose Us?

Lean Six Sigma Australia (LSSA) is a reputable eLearning organization located in Australia but providing a robust curriculum of Lean Six Sigma courses and certifications to our global audience. Our courses are designed to be self-paced, smooth sailing, comprehensive and relatable to real-life industry practice. Our experienced training instructors are practitioners who possess in-depth knowledge of Lean Six Sigma and employ eLearning best practices in delivering the courses to achieve the learning outcomes. We offer the best online Six Sigma courses you can find on the internet.

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course will be effectively taught using 2 detailed real-life case studies divided into 2 parts each.

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