Lean Six Sigma Australia


This is another huge money-saver in our Six Sigma Certification courses. This bundle combines the Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belts at a substantially discounted price. It offers the full curriculum of the 3 courses.

The Six Sigma Yellow course will expose you to the Six Sigma methodology, the techniques it employs in solving process problems, and how they relate to real-life industries. You’ll get familiar with the concepts DMAIC, DMADV and DFSS, and be able to work as a team to anticipate problems and eliminate them using the Six Sigma techniques.

After your Six Sigma Yellow Belt course and certification, you then proceed to the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification training where you will dive deeper into the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. You will master the essentials of process improvement techniques that will enable you to not only anticipate problems but also create potent solutions to mitigate them using Lean Six Sigma techniques including LEAN, DMAIC, DMADV and DFSS.

Finally, you move on to the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification course after you have become Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified. This is the strategic level of the Lean Six Sigma certifications where you become an advocate of innovation and process strategy. You will be competent to lead and provide strategic direction to Lean Six Sigma project teams as well as teach the principles and philosophy of the Six Sigma methodologies

As an organization, bottom lines cannot be reached if potent strategies are not developed and implemented.  Lean Six Sigma plays a crucial role in developing strategy because it is used to improve internal processes, increase yield, eliminate waste and variation, as well as optimize the production life-circle. When organizations share Six Sigma power solving techniques and tools with employees, these employees are equipped, trusted and are motivated to perform their best. A Six Sigma Black Belt is who you need to achieve all of these. So when you avail your employees of this course, you are doing your business a world of good!

If you purchase our 3-in-1 bundle, you will optimize your personnel training budget by saving cost and at the same time equipping your team to be more productive, resulting in increased profitability.

As an individual professional, you would advance your career path and improve your marketability both locally and internationally which translates to huge earning potentials. When you take this course, you set yourself apart from your peers and validate your competence as a leader who is equipped to use dozens of different methods and techniques to strategically develop, implement and streamline processes to achieve organizational goals.

A huge benefit of acquiring this much-needed skill is its importance and acceptance across all industries.  Lean Six Sigma techniques are applied in any industry you can think of like Finance, Aerospace, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Marketing, in fact all industries.  This fact guarantees your career growth potentials when you become Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified!  

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