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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Looking for the best six sigma certification programs?

We, at Lean Six Sigma Australia provide you the most affordable and the best six sigma training online, provided by Lean Six Sigma practioners.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma refers to the methods of systematic removal of waste & variation in order to improve the accuracy & efficiency of business processes. Basically, this is a combination of two methods: Lean and Six Sigma. Together they bring out the best results for a business. Lean eliminates the waste simultaneously & continuing to offer improved services or products to customers, whereas six sigma is responsible for reducing the defects in business processes in either services or manufactured products. This improves & increases customer satisfaction. What we do?

We offer you the following three types of training in five packages:

• Six Sigma yellow belt course: To learn the basics and key concepts (introductory level)

• Lean Six Sigma green belt course: The next level understanding of lean and six sigma techniques (intermediate)

• Lean Six Sigma black belt course: In depth and detailed training of the tools and techniques & project management of Lean Six Sigma (advanced) Combination Packages Include:

• Six Sigma yellow belt and Lean Six Sigma green belt course or

• Six Sigma yellow belt, Lean Six Sigma green and black belt course

Trainings are offered as either solely online or a mix of online & workshop attendance . We offer the best six sigma certification programs online with guaranteed success delivered by practioners of Lean Six Sigma. Our professionals are expert at making each and every step crystal clear. You can refer to our online training section to check out the sale on combination courses.

It doesn’t matter if you are novice or expert, our lean six sigma online training courses are open to & can benefit everyone. As your expertise level is measured by the belt personnel, so we offer step by step training for beginners with an option of combination courses, for those willing to complete the whole study.

So why wait?

Join the growing lean six sigma community by choosing your online training course today. We give our best to our all courses..!!!!

Through helping to remove Waste & Outcome Variation our clients improve both Products & Services they offer to their customers. Improved Products & Services & delighted customers makes our clients businesses more profitable.

For Consulting we can offer both Blackbelt & Greenbelt qualified consultants to assist at both the Strategic/Project Management level or at the “Coalface” with assistance for process improvement implementation.

Our Training covers Yellowbelt (Introductory), Greenbelt (Intermediate) & Blackbelt (Advanced). To provide better experiences both Greenbelt & Blackbelt have prerequisites.

Trainings are offered as either solely Online or as a combination of both Online & Workshop attendance.

Both Green & Black Belt Workshops are tailored to suit the attendees. These Workshops both end with a completed project which is designed to cement in the knowledge gained.

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