What is Lean Six Sigma?

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Through helping to remove Waste & Outcome Variation our clients improve both Products & Services they offer to their customers. Improved Products & Services & delighted customers makes our clients businesses more profitable.

For Consulting we can offer both Blackbelt & Greenbelt qualified consultants to assist at both the Strategic/Project Management level or at the “Coalface” with assistance for process improvement implementation.

Our Training covers Yellowbelt (Introductory), Greenbelt (Intermediate) & Blackbelt (Advanced). To provide better experiences both Greenbelt & Blackbelt have prerequisites.

Trainings are offered as either solely Online or as a combination of both Online & Workshop attendance.

Our Workshops are tailored to suit the attendees and both Greenbelt & Blackbelt end with a completed project to better cement in the knowledge gained.