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Dear friend,

Did you know that the world’s largest and most profitable companies – including the giant companies like GE, Motorola, Bank of America, DuPont, and even Samsung – have used Six Sigma to achieve drastic improvements in their business performance?

Sounds interesting, right?

Here’s more interesting news for you…

Back in 1998, GE attributed $350 million in savings to the Six Sigma process. And guess what… GE’s savings rose to more than $1 billion later that decade!

Knowing that even a giant company like GE investing millions of dollars to the Six Sigma process, it’s not surprising if the salary for Six Sigma certified individuals are more than $100,000 (according to a survey by

So what does that mean to you?

Learning Six Sigma Can Bring
Huge Benefits To Your Career.

Once you have your Six Sigma certification, not only you can get better job opportunities, but you’ll also get an opportunity to improve your salary.

Why? Here’s why:

From a company’s perspective, an individual with Six Sigma certification is a crucial person who is able to increase revenue.

Yes, a Certified Six Sigma professional is able to improve customer satisfaction, decreasing the organization’s cost, and eliminating errors in business operation.

That being said, you’ll be a key person in your company, and it’d be easier for you to get that promotion you’ve been dreaming of. And yet, there are many companies that are looking for someone with Six Sigma Certification like you, in case you want to work in a bigger and better company.

It Would Bring A Huge Positive Impact
On Your Career!

Well, that’s the good news.

The bad news is, learning Lean Six Sigma can be confusing, and for most beginners, it seems like a mysterious tool with a manual book written in Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

It’s hard for a beginner.

But you shouldn’t worry about that!

If you want to master Lean Six Sigma and get your certification in a matter of months – in the fastest and easiest way possible, I’ll be happy to help you.

My name is Ed Hutton and I’m the founder of Lean Six Sigma Australia (L6SA).

At Lean Six Sigma Australia, we provide you the most affordable, and the most straightforward Lean Six Sigma training online, provided by Lean Six Sigma practitioners.

Here’s how we can help you:

We offer you the following three types of training:

And two combination packages:

All the training could be done online or a mix of online and workshop attendance.

To give you a better understanding of what you can expect from these courses, here’s the sneak-peak preview of each package:

  1. Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course

The first course that we offer is made specifically for a beginner. It’s designed to help you get the right start into understanding the origin, approach, goals, and role of Lean Six Sigma.

It covers the fundamental aspects of Six Sigma such as D-M-A-I-C, D-F-S-S, and D-M-A-D-V.

Aside from the lessons, you’ll also get a certification test at the end of the course.

That means, you can get your certification soon after you completed the course.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this course:

  1. Evolution of Six Sigma
  2. What is Six Sigma?
  3. Goals of Six Sigma
  4. Six Sigma Approach
  5. Why do organizations adopt Six Sigma?
  6. Six Sigma –Mathematical Interpretation
  7. Roles in Six Sigma Organization
  8. Key Stakeholders
  9. DMAIC Methodology
  10. Types of data
  11. 7 Basic Quality Tools:
    • Check Sheet
    • Flow chart or Process Map
    • Histogram
    • Cause and Effect diagram
    • Pareto diagram
    • Scatter diagram
    • Control chart
  12. Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

Certification Exam Details:

  • 40 question multiple choice test
  • 1 mark each, no negative marking
  • Online exam
  • 28 questions required to clear the exam
  1. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course

The second course the next logical step of your Six Sigma journey. Once you’ve learned the basic of Six Sigma, this course will lead you further into in-depth concepts, real-life applications, tools and tactics to identify and eliminate wastage from a Six Sigma process.

You’ll be taken deeper into Lean Six Sigma concepts such as D-M-A-I-C and D-F-S-S that truly prepares you for any challenges in your process ahead of time.

This course also includes a certification exam after the course is finished.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this course:

  1. Introduction to Six Sigma
    • History of Quality (Deming, Juran, JIT, Ishikawa, Taguchi, etc.)
    • Evolution of Six Sigma
    • Defining Six Sigma – philosophy and objectives
    • Overview of Six Sigma DMAIC process
  2. Stakeholders & Setting up a Six Sigma Project
    • Identifying and Documenting stakeholder requirements
      1) Identifying stakeholders and customers
      2) Data collection and analysis
      3) Determining critical requirements
    • Project Selection Criteria
      1) Identifying performance metrics
      2) Using Financial criteria to evaluate project benefits
      3) Maximizing project benefits for the organization
    • Project Planning
      1) Creating Project Charter
      2) Charter Negotiation
    • Managing Team Dynamics
      1) Initiating teams
      2) Stages of team evolution
      3) Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
      4) Motivation Techniques
      5) Conflict Resolution Techniques
      6) Management / Leadership styles
      7) Roles played by people in a project
    • Important project management & planning tools
  3. Six Sigma Methodology – Define
    • Inputs – Need for six sigma project, Executive management sponsorship, core team identified
    • Tools
      1) Organization hierarchy
      2) High-level process maps
      3) High-level Pareto charts
      4) Idea generation and categorization tools
    • Outputs
      1) Project charter
      2) Established metrics
      3) Problem statement
      4) Roles & responsibilities
  4. Six Sigma Methodology – Measure
    • Objectives of Measure Phase
    • Inputs – the outputs of the Define phase
    • Tools
      1) Data collection tools and techniques
      2) Measurement Scales
      3) Validation techniques (Gauge R & R)
      4) Statistical Distributions
      5) Data mining
      6) Run charts
      7) Process map
      8) Stakeholder tools
      9) Process Costs
    • Outputs
      1) Well defined processes
      2) Baseline process capability
      3) Process parameters affecting CTQs
      4) Cost of poor quality (COPQ)
      5) Measurement system
  5. Six Sigma Methodology – Analyze
    • Objectives of Analyze Phase
    • Inputs – outputs of the Measure phase
    • Tools
      1) Ishikawa diagram
      2) Failure mode and effects analysis
      3) Hypothesis testing
      4) Process capability study
    • Outputs
      1) Important causes of defects
      2) Special and common causes of variation
      3) DPMO and sigma level
  6. Six Sigma Methodology – Improve
    • Objectives of Improve Phase
    • Inputs – outputs of the Analyze phase
    • Tools
      1) Returns on investment
      2) Solution design matrix
      3) Design of experiment
      4) Taguchi robustness concepts
      5) Response surface methodology
      6) Project planning and management tools
      7) Prototypes
    • Outputs
      1) Cost / benefit for different solution
      2) Selection of solutions for implementation
      3) Implementation plan
  7. Six Sigma Methodology – Control
    • Objectives of Control Phase
    • Inputs – outputs of the Improve phase
    • Tools
      1) Control plan
      2) Statistical process control
      3) Lean enterprise
      4) 5S
      5) Kaizen
      6) Kanban
      7) Total productive maintenance
      8) Measurement system reanalysis
    • Outputs
      1) Implemented solutions
      2) Revised measurement system
      3) Control plan for sustaining benefits
      4) Improves process capability
      5) Lessons learned
  8. Lean
    • A Value Stream Map
    • Lean is Speed
    • Total Supply Chain
    • Lean Six Sigma Logistics
  9. Case Study
    • Case Study Part 1
    • Case Study Part 2
    • Case Study Part 3

Certification Exam Details:

  • 90 questions multiple choice test
  • 1 mark each, no negative marking
  • 120 minutes online exam
  1. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course

The Black Belt Course is designed for you who are ready to master Lean Six Sigma. It’s the final step in your Six Sigma journey.

This course is designed to make you ready to execute watertight and highly complex process optimization, which not only can improve job performance and organization output, but also creates highly valued expertise.

The Black Belt Course is made and designed by some of the industries best LSSGB and LSSBB experts with years of hands-on experience in consistency and performance improvement.

Just like the two courses mentioned earlier, there’s a certification exam waiting for you at the end of this course.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this course:

  1. Introduction to Six Sigma
    • A brief history of Quality
    • What are Quality (Definitions) and service or product?
    • Quality Gurus & their contribution to Quality
    • Enterprise-wide View
    • Leadership
    • Six Sigma Roles and Responsibilities
    • Team Formation
    • Team Facilitation
    • Team Dynamics
    • Time Management For Teams
    • Team Decision-making Tools
    • Management and Planning Tools
    • Team Performance Evaluation And Rewards
    • Overview of DMAIC
  2. Six Sigma Methodology – Define
    • Important Stakeholders
    • Impact On Stakeholders
    • Critical To Requirements
    • Benchmarking
    • Business performance measures
    • Financial measures
    • VOC
    • Kano’s Customer Satisfaction Levels
    • Juran’s Customer Needs
    • Market Research
    • CTQ Flowdown
    • QFD
    • Performance Metrics
    • Project Charter
    • Charter Negotiation
    • Project management plan and Baselines
    • Project Tracking
  3. Six Sigma Methodology – Measure
    • Processes, Process characteristics, process flow metrics, inputs and outputs
    • Process maps and flowchart
    • SIPOC
    • Data Type & Measurement scale
    • Data Collection
    • Sampling strategies
    • Fishbone Diagram
    • Relational Matrices or Prioritization Matrix
    • Basic Statistics
    • Analytical Statistics
    • Gauge R & R
    • Process Capability Analysis
  4. Six Sigma Methodology – Analyze
    • Correlation and Regression Analysis
    • Testing of Hypothesis
    • FMEA
    • Gap Analysis
    • The Five Whys
    • Pareto Diagram
    • Tree Diagram
    • Non-value added activities
    • Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)
  5. Six Sigma Methodology – Improve
    • DOE
    • Poka-yoke
    • 5S
    • Kanban
    • Standard Operations
    • Operator work instructions
    • Cycle time reduction
    • Continuous Flow Manufacturing
    • SMED
    • Kaizen and Kaizen Blitz
    • Theory of Constraints (TOC)
    • Risk analysis
  6. Six Sigma Methodology – Control
    • Statistical Process Control
    • Other Control Tools
    • Maintain Controls
    • Sustaining Improvements
  7. DFSS
  8. More on Lean
    • A Value Stream Map
    • Lean is Speed
    • Total Supply Chain
    • Lean Six Sigma Logistics
  9. Case Study 1
    • Case Study 1 Part 1
    • Case Study 1 Part 2
  10. Case Study 2
    • Case Study 2 Part 1
    • Case Study 2 Part 2

Certification Exam Details:

  • 125 question multiple choice test
  • 1 mark each, no negative marking
  • 180 minutes online exam

That was a lot of valuable lessons, right?

Now, here’s what’s really interesting…

All Courses Are Designed
To Be A Self-Paced Course.

That means, even if you’re a super-busy person, you can still finish the course without being stressed or worrying about the learning schedule. You can finish them at a pace you’re comfortable with.

And yet, you don’t even need to worry about being overwhelmed. Simply slow down and take a break whenever you start to feel overwhelmed.

Sounds good, right?

Here’s more…

Unlike in Karate Dojo, there are no pre-requisites to commence the Yellow or Green Belt Course. That means, you can go directly to the Green Belt Course although it’s highly recommended to start with the first level, which is the Yellow Belt Course.

Still with me? Good!

Now to help you decide whether our Six Sigma certification program is the right one for you, let me answer this question:

Who Is This Certification Program For?

You know this is for you if…

  1. You want to get a better position in your job, or you want to get a raise that you’ve always dreamed of.
  2. You want to work in a bigger and better company that would be happy to pay you a six figure salary right after you work for them.
  3. You want to grow your company’s revenue by implementing the Six Sigma process.
  4. You’re a project manager that needs to learn Six Sigma ASAP.
  5. You want a fast and straightforward method to master Lean Six Sigma, so you can implement it in the fastest time possible.

If the answer to one, two, or all of these questions is YES, then there’s no doubt…

This Program Is Made For You.

So what do you say?

Interested to give this certification programs a try?

If so, then let me tell you what’s the deal.

We offer you the three types of training and two combination packages:

  1. Yellow Belt Six Sigma course which made for the beginner.

Here’s what you can expect from this course:

  • Get an in-depth insight into how Six Sigma evolved, what it’s goals are and why organizations across sectors and industries adopt it to improve their processes
  • Get an introduction to D-M-A-I-C, Lean Six Sigma’s most essential improvement cycle
  • Get a low down on Six Sigma (DFSS) a traditional cross-industry tool used for effective business process management
  • Introduction of D-M-A-D-V, a six sigma approach that use to manage and optimize customer-centric processes that are newly introduced
  • 30 days of self-paced learning
  • A Certification Exam and a Yellow Belt Six Sigma certificate that you can get after you passed the exam.

This course costs only USD 150.00

  1. Green Belt Lean Six Sigma course that takes you deeper into in-depth concepts, real-life applications, tools and tactics to identify and eliminate wastage from a process.

Here’s what you can expect from this course:

  • Learn the real-world application of lean six sigma principles and the ability to lead projects
  • Develop statistical thinking and problem-solving skill sets to become more efficient
  • Effectively understand how to identify improvement opportunities in your projects (Define)
  • Get a deep understanding of measuring the performance of a process, or product (Measure)
  • Accurately evaluate and test the data that cause poor performing steps in a process (Analyze)
  • Being able to address and eliminate improvement possibilities in the process (Improve)
  • Mastering track and control future performance of processes and products (Control)
  • Learn to use Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and related tools
  • A Certification Exam and a Green Belt Six Sigma certificate that you can get after you passed the exam.

It takes roughly 3 months to complete this training, and you can go through each lesson at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Despite the fact that this course is packed with tons of mega-valuable lessons – and designed by some of the best Six Sigma experts – it only costs USD 425.00 to enroll in this course.

  1. Black Belt Six Sigma that is made specifically to help you master Lean Six Sigma, and ready to implement it right after you finished the program.

Here’s what you can expect from this final course:

  1. Learn to prepare and execute intricate concepts of black belt lean six sigma
  2. Get professionally trained in applying 5S, process mapping, gap analysis, project tracking, value stream mapping, etc.
  3. Develop a statistical analysis approach rooted in highly advanced systems to evaluate the key inputs-outputs relationship
  4. Learn how to negotiate inter level team dynamics for optimum success
  5. Learn to successfully close the project and transfer them
  6. Learn to delegate projects to crucial members of the team
  7. A Final Certification Exam, and the highly-regarded Black Belt Six Sigma certificate that you can add to your resume after you passed the exam.

This is the final course that could be a game-changer in your career. Soon after you finished this course, you’ll become one of the most sought-after professionals with a Black Belt Six Sigma certification.

Please note, you can’t enroll in this course unless you’ve completed the two previous courses.

That being said, it’s not easy to get yourself into this final stop in your pursuit of Six Sigma excellence.

But relax!

With our programs, you’ll be ready to face this final step in a matter of months.

Anyway, despite the huge benefits, you can get after you completed this course, we keep trying to make all of our courses to be affordable for anyone. To get yourself a Black Belt certification, it only costs you USD 850.00.

That’s probably the biggest bargain in your lifetime.

Want a better deal?

We also offer you two combination packages:

Yellow Belt + Green Belt Course Package

This package is a cost-effective bundle for you who want to go through the Introductory level and Intermediate level at once.

From this package, you’ll learn the highly sought after Six Sigma Principles tools and strategies in the Yellow Belt course, and then proceed to the Green Belt certification course as soon as you get certified from the Yellow Belt Course.

If you want to save your money by purchasing this cost-effective bundle rather than purchasing a single course, then this package is the right one for you.

Normally, to get these two courses, it costs you USD 575…

…But, if you purchase this package, you can save USD 50 and get both of them for only USD 525.00!

Still not enough? Well, check the last package below to get an even better deal!

Yellow Belt + Green Belt + Black Belt Course Package

Finally, the complete package that teaches you everything from start to mastering Lean Six Sigma.

You can start this course as a beginner, and get completely certified in all levels of Six Sigma.

First, you’ll get an introduction to the most fundamental Lean Six Sigma concepts in the Yellow Belt course, and then you’ll move deeper until you become a certified, highly sought-after Six Sigma professional.

Like the previous package, you can save a lot of money by purchasing all the three courses in this mega-valuable bundle.

This package is for you if:

  1. You want to save a lot of money by purchasing all the three courses in a mega-valuable bundle.
  2. You’re ready to learn everything in Six Sigma process until you become a certified Six Sigma professional.
  3. You want to get through the fastest way to master Six Sigma by purchasing all the courses at once.

With this package, you don’t need to spend USD 1,400.00 to enroll in all our Lean Six Sigma Course.

To get a complete package of Lean Six Sigma course, it only costs you USD 1,075.00.

That’s USD 325.00 in saving!

Still interested to learn Lean Six Sigma with our simple and straightforward courses?

If so, then here’s what you need to do next:

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  3. Start learning

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Are these people any different than you? No, they are not. If we can help them learning Six Sigma with our courses, we’re pretty sure that we can do the same to you.

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